Our Story

STOA Wellness is More Than a Place to Find CBD

Located in Greenvale, NY, our store is a place to come face-to-face with subject matter experts. A community inspired hub to find the resources you need to make informed decisions and the selections you want to make the most of them. A place to explore the most reliable CBD products for healing the body and soothing the mind.

At STOA Wellness, we follow a strict set of standards in selecting CBD brands and products that deliver results and offer the highest quality ingredients. Our staff is passionate and committed to helping people experience the true potential of CBD.

Our mission is to create an environment that not only educates about the healing properties of CBD, but also speaks to those who are serious about maintaining peak fitness whether it be yogis or triathlon athletes or anything in between.

We believe that CBD products are not one size fits all and that wellness doesn’t have a single definition. We enjoy supporting elite athletes in finding the right product to use in their fitness regimen as much as we enjoy helping older customers find the right topical for arthritic joints.

Once you’re ready to delve into the world of CBD—to discover its power and experience its effects—there’s no place more dedicated to safeguarding your journey than STOA Wellness. We look forward to serving you in our store at 7 Northern Blvd. Greenvale, NY or online at stoawellness.com